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Popular Places to Visit Around Kathmandu




Nepal is a landlocked country in south Asia. Nepal country is divided into 7 states and 77 districts. Nepal has a diverse geography, including plains, subalpine forests hills, and there are 8 tallest mountains are located in Nepal, including world highest peak called Mt.Everest, the point on the Earth.

Kathmandu is the nation’s capital and largest city. Kathmandu lies at the crossroads of ancient civilizations of Asia, and has many important monuments, including several pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Buddhists. Among urban areas in Nepal, Kathmandu being the premier cultural and economic hub of Nepal .It is considered to have the most advanced infrastructure. The cities of patan and bhaktapur are integral to Kathmandu. Even the cultural heritage recognition under the world heritage list of the UNESCO in the three urban agglomerates as unit the tittle “Kathmandu valley UNESCO world heritage site”.

You can explore thousands of years of culture here, while making your through historic temples and monasteries that belong to Hindus and Buddhists .

Some popular tourist destination/Places to visit  around Kathmandu valley mentioned below

1.The Pashupatinath Temple

The Pashupatinath temple was built in 1696 on the orders of king bhupendra malla, it is Nepal’s most important Hindu temple constructed in the pagoda style of architecture, Pashupatinath stands on the river bank of the Baghmati river, intricately carved rafters members of  the lord Shiva’s family and four silver-plated main doors surrounded by statues of deities. Non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple. The temple’s exterior and its surrounding building are worth a look. The river banks of the Baghmati River are popular place for cremations. There is often a cremation in progress of hats with a shrouded body lifted on top of a fire with sparingly little ceremony.

2. The Narayanhiti Palace Museum

In June 2001, king Birendra ,Queen Aishwarya and six other royals were shot dead by unknown people, after that incident  Birendra’s replacement , king Gyanendra, was deeply unpopular , and  Nepal is voted to abolish the monarchy in 2008. The new parliament propyl gave Ex.king  Gyanendra 15 days to vacate the place. The opening of the palace museum by Nepal’s prime minister in February 2009 was a highly symbolic event. The palace comprises and occupies 74 acres. It was designed by American architect Benjamin pol in the style if contemporizes pagoda. It is very beautiful palace. Visitors comment on the palace’s chintzydector, including extensive gold planting numerous chandelier and a large tiger-skin rug.

3. Patan Durbar Square

It is the second largest town in the Kathmandu valley. Patan has ancient history, with the corners of the town being marked by stupas erected in around 250 BC. Patan has a greater concentration of temples per square meters than either Kathmandu or bhaktapur. Patan’s most interesting attractions include the golden temple together, with a number of tourists found in courtyard. The five stony Kumbeshwar temple and the red Macchandranath Temple.

4. The Royal Botanical Garden

It is opened by king Mahendra Bir Bikram shah dev in 1962. The botanical gardens hold over 500 species of plant in 82 hectors. There is decorative coronation point, with interesting exhibits of Nepal’s flora, greenhouses and collections of Rhodendrons (Nepal’s national flower) lilies, orchids, cacti and ferns. Spring and autumn are the peak flowering seasons are there the best that with more energy will enjoy alike to the top of Pulchowi (2715m), the highest hill in the Kathmandu valley. The royal botanical garden located in Godavari, Kathmandu.

5. Swayambhunath Stupa

The Swayambhunath stupa is self-created stupa, also known as monkey temple. It is found on a hilltop to the west of Kathmandu. It is say that the Swayanbhunath stupa founded by king Man deva during the fifth century, contains a stupa, temples, shrines, Tibetans monastery museum and library. You can find there millions of monkey. The stupa, re-glided with 20 kilograms of gold and it has a large white dome as it base, above which are pointed four sets of Buddha’s eyes and eyebrow. The stupas are found four pentagonal toran. The best time to visit there is either sunrise or sunset time.

6. Whoopee Land and Water park

Whoopee land  is a modern water-park has come into operation in Chovar,Kritipur. Innovation has invested 250 million  rupees to bring this amusement park into operation. This park serves as a popular weekend gateway for people living in Kathmandu valley. This stunning fantasy world provides many facilities and places for children to enjoy  activities such as slides,children;s playground,360 degree ranger,180 degree Frisbee, the bouncy  zorb ball along  curvy meadows and animatronics dinosaurs and  a  big swimming pools and different  types of playing instruments for the children. Status tree with varieties of lights. You can have wonderful experience here.

7. The Garden of Dreams

It is located in Kaiser Mahal, tridevi marg, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is open 7 days of a week. It is a beautiful enclave found a stone’s throw from the center of Thamel. The lush lawns,synken flower gardens, gazebos and three neo classical pavilion.It Is buit by field Marshall Kaiser Shumsher (1892-1964) son of Nepal’s prime minister Chandra Shamsher,the garden was inspired after a trip to Edwardian England using funds that  Kaiser had won from his father in game of cowie shells. There are different types of flowers, herbs and trees. You can go there for relaxation, picnic whilst reading a book,photosation. It is most beautiful and peaceful garden among all gardens in Kathmandu valley.

8. Bhaktapur Durbar Square

It is small town about 10km from Kathmandu. There is the five stony Nyatapola Temple on Taumandhi Tole . The tallest temple in Nepal. It was build by king Bhupatindra Malla in 1702. The northern section of the square is home to the royal palace, with visitors able to access the golden gate, intricately carved and the set into a bright red gatehouse and the national art gallery. There is a exquisite architecture as you wonder the street’s many buildings feature intricately carved woodwork such as the famous peacock windows. No cars are allowed inside the Bhaktapur town Centre inside the Bhaktapur town center and many travellers prefer to stay in Bhaktapur and take day trips to Kathmandu. The famous yogurt called juju dhau find there. Juju dhaw” the king of curd has become an integral part of Bhaktapur.

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